Twisted Hive Interactive

A game development studio

Our Products

Twisted Hive Interactive, is continously developing new projects

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Sabotage High

Sabotage High is a fast-paced local multiplayer game that revolves around surviving a crazy high school.

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Party Boats

Become a captain of the best party cruise ship and host the hottest party on an island!

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MallStars, shopping cart racing.

Our clients

Other than developing our own projects we have worked with several companies

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Twisted hive interactive has worked together with flavour on a number of serious gaming projects,

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Firebrush Studios

Twisted Hive Interactive has worked closely together on a serious game together with Firebrush Studios

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Pillar Games

Twisted hive has worked with Pillar Games on projects.

The Team

Twisted Hive Interactive concists out of a small team of developers, on a regular basis the team works together with different parties

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Roy Schröder

Co-Founder / Lead Programmer
After finishing his software development degree, Roy enrolled in another Development study, This time Game Development, what used to be his dreams now became reality.

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Rihards Valters

Co-Founder / Lead Artist
after moving to the Netherlands, Rihards studied Game Creation & Production, after working in a restaurant for years he started the Twisted Hive Interactive to pursue the dream of finalizing the development of Bug Box.